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WEF’s Global Social Mobility Index: India ranks 76th, Denmark tops

India ranked 76th among 82 countries on the social mobility index of the World Economic Forum (WEF) while Denmark tops the list. The Nordic countries—Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland—occupied the top five positions. They all scored more than 82 points, with Finland scoring almost double India’s score of 42.7.

Among the G7 economies, Germany (11) was the most socially mobile with 78 points, followed by France (12). Canada was placed 14th, while Japan, 15th. Among large emerging economies, the Russian Federation was the most socially mobile, ranking 39th with 64 points. China and Brazil were at 45 and 60, respectively.

The WEF’s Global Social Mobility Report 2020 said despite a significant decrease in the number of people living in absolute poverty, India has a lot of room for improvement in providing equal shared opportunity. The WEF assessed countries on parameters such as health, education, technology, work, and social protection and inclusive institutions.