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Novel coronavirus grips Wuhan city of China, 2 dead

China’s Wuhan city is in grip of a new respiratory virus called Novel coronavirus that has killed two people in China and sickened at least 45 persons including overseas cases with some new cases being detected in the city.

The illness has been identified as a new strain of coronavirus, which is in the same family as the deadly severe acute respiratorysyndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

The illness was first reported in late December in Wuhan, in central China. It is not certain that the virus spreads from person to person. Symptoms of coronaviruses can range from fever and coughing to pneumonia with severe effects.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that the health commissions in China have been notifying people of the latest development and China has been actively notifying the WHO and other relevant international organisations and countries of the infection cases.