Nobel Prize in Literature, 2020

Nobel Prize in Literature
  • The first female poet to win the Nobel Prize in Literature since Wislawa Szymborska in 1996 is Louise Gluck for her poetry. Other women who have received the prize in the literature category were all writers and not poets.

Other winners of 2020 Nobel Prize

  • The Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 2020 was awarded to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A Doudna for “Development of a method for Genome Editing”.
  • The Nobel Prize, 2020 for Physics has been awarded to Andrea M Ghez, Roger Penrose and Reinhard Genzel for their research on black holes. They discovered the existence of a supergiant black hole in the centre of Milky Way.
  • The Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology has been jointly awarded to Harvey J Alter, Charles M Rice and Michael Houhgton. The prize was awarded for the discovery of Hepatitis C.
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