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Mizoram to celebrate ‘Chapchar kut’ festival on March 6

Mizoram will celebrate ‘Chapchar Kut‘, the biggest and most important festival of the Mizos, on March 6. Chapchar Kut is a spring festival celebrated usually in March after completion of the Jhum cultivation, also known as the slash and burn agriculture. The festival will be a two-day event. ‘Promotion of Mizos culture and moral code‘ has been chosen as the theme for this year Chapchar Kut.

While March 5 will be celebrated as pre-festival, which would be graced by Art and Culture Minister R Lalzirliana as “Kut Pa” or the “father of the festival”, the grand celebration will take place on March 6, where that place would be taken by Zoramthanga. Exhibition of painting, photo, handloom and handicraft will be held in different places in Aizawl as part of the celebration while a food court will be set up at the venue of the main celebration.