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Manipur and Gorakhpur, UP gets new GI tags

Terracotta Chak-hao

  • Chak-Hao, the black rice of Manipur and the Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh’s terracotta have bagged the Geographical Indication (GI) tag. Chak-Hao, a scented glutinous rice has been in cultivation in Manipur over centuries. It has also been used by traditional medical practitioners as part of traditional medicine. 
  • The terracotta work of Gorakhpur is a centuries-old traditional art form, where the potters make various animal figures like, horses, elephants, camel, goat, ox, etc. with hand-applied ornamentation.Some of the major products of craftsmanship include the Hauda elephants, Mahawatdar horse, deer, camel, five-faced Ganesha, singled-faced Ganesha, elephant table, chandeliers, hanging bells etc.