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Nation commemorates 49th Vijay Diwas on 16 December 2020

Vijay Diwas
  • In IndiaVijay Diwas (also called Victory Day) is commemorated annually on December 16.
  • The country is observing the 49th Vijay Diwas in 2020.
  • Vijay Diwas is observed to celebrate the service, valour, and sacrifices of the gallant men of the Indian Armed Forces’ victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war.

National Energy Conservation Day: 14 December

National Energy Conservation Day
  • The National Energy Conservation Day is observed every year on 14 December by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), under the Ministry of Power to spread awareness among the general public about the significance of energy conservation and energy efficiency, as well as holistic development for overall effort towards climate change mitigation.

International Universal Health Coverage Day: 12 December

International Universal Health Coverage Day
  • International Universal Health Coverage Day is a United Nations’ recognized international day commemorated annually on December 12 to spread awareness of the need for strong and resilient health systems and universal health coverage with multi-stakeholder partners.
  • The theme of International Universal Health Coverage Day 2020 is ‘Health For All: PROTECT EVERYONE’. The theme indicates that to end this crisis (COVID-19) and build a safer and healthier future, we must invest in health systems that protect us all—now.

International Day of Neutrality: 12 December

International Day of Neutrality
  • International Day of Neutrality is a United Nations recognized day held on December 12 every year to spread public awareness of the value of neutrality in international relations.

International Mountain Day: 11 December

International Mountain Day
  • International Mountain Day is commemorated all over the world on December 11 annually.
  • The day is observed to spread awareness about the significance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and to build alliances that will bring positive change to mountain peoples and environments around the world.
  • “Mountain biodiversity” is the theme of this year’s International Mountain Day, so let’s keep their rich biodiversity, as well as address the threats they face.

UNICEF Day: 11 December

  • Every year the UNICEF Day is commemorated on December 11.
  • The United Nations General Assembly formed UNICEF on December 11, 1946, as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund to enhance the health, nutrition, education, and general welfare of children devastated due to World War II.

World Human Rights Day: 10 December

World Human Rights Day

  • Human Rights Day is observed on 10 December every year across the world. This Day came into existence on December 10, 1948, when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations.
  • This year theme of Human Rights Day: Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights.

International Anti-Corruption Day: 09 December

International Anti-Corruption Day
  • International Anti-Corruption Day is commemorated every year on 9 December to spread public awareness for anti-corruption.
  • The theme of International Anti-Corruption Day 2020: ‘RECOVER with INTEGRITY.’

Armed Forces Flag Day: 7 December

Armed Forces Flag Day
  • In India, the Armed Forces Flag Day (also known as the Flag Day of India) is commemorated every year on December 7 since 1949 as an honour to the soldiers, sailors and airmen of India who fought on the borders to keep the country safe.

International Civil Aviation Day: 07 December

International Civil Aviation Day
  • The International Civil Aviation Day is commemorated annually on December 7 to remember the importance of aviation to the social and economic development of the world.
  • The Council has determined that from now until 2023, the theme will be: “Advancing Innovation for Global Aviation Development”.